ECOLOGIA BALKANICA – Volume 5, Issue 1 / June 2013

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Research Articles

Assessment of Geochemical Characteristics and Geomicrobiology of Cave Spring Water from Jaintia and East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, India
Gulzar Ahmad Sheikh, Idrees Yousuf Dar, A. K. Pandit, pp. 1-7
Article № eb.12119
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Ecological Study of Periphytic Algal Community of Doodh Ganga and Khansha-Mansha Streams of Yusmarg Forests: A Health Resort of Kashmir Valley, India
Rafia Rashid, Rouf Ahmad Bhat, Ashok K. Pandit, Samiullah Bhat, pp. 9-19
Article № eb.12128
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Soil Pollution as a Result of Temporary Steel Scrap Storage at the Melt Shop
Tahir Sofilić, Blaženka Bertić, Vesna Šimunić-Mežnarić, Ivan Brnardić, pp. 21-30
Article № eb.13101
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Comparative Analysis of Different Types of Bacterial Colonies from the Soils of Yusmarg Forest, Kashmir valley India
Gowhar Hamid Dar, Suhaib A. Bandh, Azra N. Kamili, Ruqaya Nazir, Rouf Ahmad Bhat, pp. 31-35
Article № eb.13102
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Plant Species Groups in Chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.) Sites, Hyrcanian Forests of Iran
Hassan Pourbabaei*, Roya Abedi, pp. 37-47
Article № eb.13104
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Reproductive Biology of African River Prawn Macrobrachium vollenhovenii (Crustacea, Palaemonidae) In the Lower Taylor Creek, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Tonbarapagha Kingdom, Ebere S. Erondu, pp. 49-56
Article № eb.13105
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Diet of Threatened Pheasant Species in Himalayas, India – A Faecal Analysis Approach
Mohammad Shah Hussain, Aisha Sultana, pp. 57-68
Article № eb.13107
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Successional Pattern, Stand Structure and Regeneration of Forest Vegetation According to Local Environmental Gradients
Nikolay Dyakov, pp. 69-85
Article № eb.13108
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Macrofungal Communities in Hyrcanian Forests, North of Iran: Relationships with Season and Forest Types
Maryam Karim, Mohammad Reza Kavosi, Goodarz Hajizadeh, pp. 87-96
Article № eb.13109
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Demography and conservation of an isolated Spur-thighed tortoise Testudo graeca population in Dobrogea (Romania)
Gabriel Buică, Ruben Iosif, Dan Cogălniceanu, pp. 97-106
Article № eb.13111
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Combined Effect of Some Bio-Agents on the Grasshopper, Hetiracris littoralis Under Semi-Field Condition
Aziza Sharaby, Mohamed A. Gesraha, Sayed A. Montasser, Youssef A. Mahmoud, Sobhi A. Ibrahim, pp. 107-117
Article № eb.13112
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Assessment of the Threats to the Biodiversity and Habitats in "Stara Reka" Reserve (Bulgaria) and Its Adjacent Subalpine and Alpine Areas
Svetlana V. Yocheva, Atanas A. Irikov, Slaveya T. Petrova, Ivelin A. Mollov, pp. 119-127
Article № eb.SE12103
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Age Structure and Historical Development of Forests in "Bistrishko branishte" Biosphere Reserve in Vitosha Mountain (Bulgaria)
Nikolay A. Tsvetanov, Momchil P. Panayotov, pp. 129-136
Article № eb.SE12107
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Short Notes

Materials on the diet of the Otter (Lutra lutra L.) in the West Rhodopes Mountain, South Bulgaria
Dilian G. Georgiev, pp. 137-139
Article № eb.13201
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On the substrates used for marking by the Stone Marten (Martes foina Erxl.) at the lowland areas of South Bulgaria
Dilian G. Georgiev, pp. 141-143
Article № eb.13202
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Halopeplis amplexicauis (Vahl) Ung.-Sternb (Chenopodiaceae Family). Re-collection in Zarqa of Jordan
Fakher J. Aukour, pp. 145-147
Article № eb.13203
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Plant Essential Oils from Apiaceae Family as Alternatives to Conventional Insecticides
Asgar Ebadollahi, pp. 149-172
Article № eb.13301
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