Proceeding of the 
Second Scientific Conference on Ecology

25 years
Department of Ecology and Environmental Conservation
Faculty of Biology, University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski"
1st November 2013, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

ECOLOGIA BALKANICA – Volume 5, Special Edition / April 2014

Ecologia Balkanica – 2014, vol. 5, Special Edition – Whole issue pdf


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Genome Instability of Chironomus riparius Mg. (Diptera, Chironomidae) from Polluted Water Basins in Bulgaria
Julia Ilkova, Paraskeva Michailova, Alexander Thomas, Keith White, pp. 1-8
Article № eb.SE13214 [Full text - PDF]pdf

Ex Situ and In Vitro Conservation of Glicyrrhiza glabra L. – Crop Wild Relative from Fabaceae
Katya Uzundzhalieva, Ruska Ruseva, Svetla Kachakova, pp. 9-13
Article № eb.SE13108 [Full text - PDF]pdf

Determination of Heavy Metals in Roach (Rutilus rutilus) and Bleak (Alburnus alburnus) in Zhrebchevo Dam Lake
Georgi I. Zhelyazkov, Dian M. Georgiev, Lilko K. Dospatliev, Yordan S. Staykov, pp. 15-20
Article № eb.SE13215 [Full text - PDF]pdf

Biochemical Changes of the Organism of Apodemus flavicollis (Rodentia: Muridae) Under Conditions of Environmental Anthropogenic Pollution by Heavy Metals in Northern Areas of Ukraine
Svitlana V. Zadyra, Dmytro V. Lukashоv, pp. 21-27
Article № eb.SE13201 [Full text - PDF]pdf

Some Chemical Characteristics of Sediments from Carp Fishponds Treated With Different Fertilizers
Doychin I. Terziyski, Liliana D. Hadjinikolova, Angelina S. Ivanova, Roumen K. Kalchev, pp. 28-32
Article № eb.SE13213 [Full text - PDF]pdf

Biological Treatment of Wastewater by Sequencing Batch Reactors
Tsvetko Prokopov, Dasha Mihaylova, Nikolay Mihalkov, pp. 33-39
Article № eb.SE13202 [Full text - PDF]pdf

Hydrobiological Investigation of the Activated Sludge from Sequencing Batch Reactors of WWTP–Hisarya
Dasha Mihaylova, Tsvetko Prokopov, Nikolay Mihalkov, pp. 41-47
Article № eb.SE13203 [Full text - PDF]pdf

Comparative Study on the Effect of the Climatic Conditions on Biological, Economic and Chemical Characteristics of Large-Leaved Tobacco Samples of Burley and Virginia Groups
Tzenka I. Radoukova, Yovko K. Dyulgerski, pp. 49-54
Article № eb.SE13211 [Full text - PDF]pdf

Plant Succession in Post Fire Communities of Pinus nigra Arn.
Silviya S. Radanova, pp. 55-60
Article № eb.SE13217 [Full text - PDF]pdf
Challenges for the Conservation of the Norway Spruce Forests in Vitosha Nature Park after Large-scale Natural Disturbances
Alexandar D. Dountchev, Nikolay A. Tsvetanov, Petar S. Zhelev, Momchil P. Panayotov, pp. 61-69
Article № eb.SE13113 [Full text - PDF]pdf
Cicada orni L. in the Food of Wild Boar in the Regional Park Maremma – Toscana, Italy
Peter Genov, Atidzhe Ahmed, pp. 71-73
Article № eb.SE13114 [Full text - PDF]pdf
Vital Strategy for Cicada orni L. Survival in the Regional Park Maremma (Italy)
Peter Genov, Atidzhe Ahmed, Stefka Kitanova, pp. 75-79

Article № eb.SE13115 [Full text - PDF]pdf

Forest Fire Impact on the Soil Carbon Content and Stock on the North Slopes of Rila Mountain (Bulgaria)
Ibrahim Molla, Emiliya Velizarova, Boyka Malcheva, Valentin Bogoev, Yulia Hadzhieva, pp. 81-88

Article № eb.SE13112 [Full text - PDF]pdf

Ecological Assessment of the Rivers Luda Yana and Banska Luda Yana as Based on Selected Biological Parameters
Galia N. Georgieva, Eliza P. Uzunova, Tania Hubenova, Yordan I. Uzunov, pp. 89-94
Article № eb.SE13205 [Full text - PDF]pdf
The Molluscs of the Medieval Settlement at the Village of Zlatna Livada (Bulgaria) with Notes on the Landscape Dominated the Area
Dilian G. Georgiev, Dimitar L. Kostov, Dimitar Y. Dimitrov, Rumyana V. Koleva, pp. 95-99
Article № eb.SE13101 [Full text - PDF]pdf
Anatomical Changes in Peach Leaves Infected by Taphrina deformans (Berk.) Tul.
Ivanka B. Semerdjieva, Neshka G. Piperkova, Mariya V. Zarkova, Lyubka H. Koleva-Valkova, pp. 101-106
Article № eb.SE13102 [Full text - PDF]pdf
New Data about Some Rare and Interesting Agaricales Species in Bulgaria
Maria Lacheva, pp. 107-114
Article № eb.SE13103 [Full text - PDF]pdf
A Study of Larger Fungi of the Boraka Managed Reserve, Central Rhodopes Mts.
Maria Lacheva, pp. 115-121
Article № eb.SE13104 [Full text - PDFpdf

Preliminary Results for the Species Composition and Dynamics of Mosquito Family (Culicidae) in the City of Plovdiv
Tancho Agushev, pp. 123-131
Article № eb.SE13105 [Full text - PDFpdf
New Information about Polyphenols of Wild (Amygdalus webbii) and Cultivated (Amygdalus communis) Almonds from Southwestern Bulgaria
Milena T. Nikolova, Natalia V. Valyovska, Dimitar P. Peev, pp. 133-135
Article № eb.SE13107 [Full text - PDF]pdf

Effect of Soil Physical Properties on Natural Regeneration of Populus caspica Bornm. and Alnus glutinosa L. in Northern Iran
Ali Salehi, Mir Mazaffar Fallah Chai, Gholamreza Mardaliza, Neda Ghorbanzadeh, pp. 137-142
Article № eb.SE13109 [Full text - PDF]pdf

Interesting Lichenized Fungi (Ascomycota) from Struma River Valley and Belasitsa Mts.
Dimitar Y. Stoykov, pp. 143-149
Article № eb.SE13111 [Full text - PDF]pdf