ECOLOGIA BALKANICA – Special Edition 2 / 2019

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Research Articles

Opportunities for Further Qualification in Environmental Communication in Protected Areas

Hristina Bancheva-Preslavska, pp. 1-7 
Article № eb.19SE206 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 

Current Ecological Status of Lotic Ecosystems in Vitosha Mountain Reserves (Torfeno Branishte and Bistrishko Branishte)

Radka P. Fikova, Emilia D. Varadinova, Lachezar P. Yakimov, Lyubomir A. Kenderov, pp. 9-14 
Article № eb.19SE203 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 

Breakthrough in Anti-poison Struggle after Introduction of Intensive Satellite Tracking of Griffon Vultures in Balkans

Emilian H. Stoynov, Hristo V. Peshev, Dimitar A. Parvanov, Atanas P. Grozdanov, pp. 15-21 
Article № eb.19SE208 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 

Past and Present State of the Griffon Vulture Gyps fulvus in Rila and Pirin National Parks and Rilski Manastir Nature Park
Hristo Peshev, Emilian Stoynov, Dimitar Parvanov, Atanas Grozdanov, pp. 23-29 

Article № eb.19SE209 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 

Past and Present State of the Cinereous Vulture (Aegypius monachus) and Feasibility Analysis for its Reintroduction in Bulgaria

Emilian Stoynov, Hristo Peshev, George Stoyanov, Ivelin Ivanov, Dimitar Parvanov, Atanas Grozdanov, pp. 30-43
Article № eb.19SE211 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 

Phytoplankton and Macrophytes in Bulgarian Standing Water Bodies

Gana M. Gecheva, Detelina S. Belkinova, Yordanka G. Hristeva, Rumen D. Mladenov, Plamen S. Stoyanov, pp. 45-61
Article № eb.19SE213 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 

Modelling of Water Systems in a convenient way

Manfred Schütze, pp. xx-xx
Article № eb.19SE2S1 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 

Monitoring ozone effects on vegetation: a review
Nikolina P. Gribacheva, Gana M. Gecheva, pp. xx-xx

Article № eb.19SE2S3 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 


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