[A Study of the Survival and Oxygen Deficiency at the Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) Treated with Zinc (Zn)]

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Bogdan N. Nikolov, Stanka D. Salapatiyska, Dilyan G. Georgiev

University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski", Faculty of Biology, Departent of Ecology and Environmental Conservation, 24 Tzar Assen Str., 4000-Plovdiv, BULGARIA, E-mail: nikolov81bg@yahoo.com
Abstract. The current paper studies the change of respiratory rate and survival of Dreissena polymorpha at short exposure to zinc under laboratory conditions. The experiment is lasted 96h and three different concentrations of ZnSO4.7H2O were used - 0.5mg/l, 1.5mg/l; 2,0 mg/l. Survival and intensity of breathing of Dreissena polymorpha decreases with the increasing concentration of zinc in the water.
Keywords: Zebra mussel, Dreissena polymorpha, oxygen deficit, zinc.

Ecologia Balkanica, 2009, vol. 1, pp. 5-8.
Article № EB-01-2009_RA_02, ICID: 
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