Prerequisite for the Development of Ecotourism on the Territory of the Town of Zlatograd and Possible Environmental Issues

Ekaterina Valcheva1*, Krasimir Aleksandrov2

1 - Agricultural University, Faculty of Plant Protection and Agroecology, 12 Mendeleev Blvd.,BG-4000 Plovdiv, BULGARIA
2 - Agricultural University, Faculty of Economy, 12 Mendeleev Blvd.,BG-4000 Plovdiv, BULGARIA
* Corresponding author:

Abstract. The basis for the development of ecotourism in Bulgaria is the tourist resource that provides a system of protected areas and historic cultural heritage. One of the key elements of ecotourism are the environmental protection and the creation of real opportunities for economic prosperity and livelihood of communities in settlements near the protected areas. Tourism is considered a priority in the economic development not only in Zlatograd Municipality, but also in Smolyan District. The main prerequisite for the successful development of tourism in the municipality is the realistic assessment of the factors that are relevant to tourism. Object of this study is the town of Zlatograd as an ecotourist destination and the possible environmental issues resulting from the development of tourism

Key words: anthropogenic pressures, sustainable management, ecotourism, biodiversity, protected areas.

Ecologia Balkanica, 2014, vol. 6, Issue 2, pp. 1-5

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