ECOLOGIA BALKANICA – Volume 9, Issue 2 / June 2017

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Research Articles

Fish Producer's Attitude to the Most Common Fish-Eating Birds in Central Bulgaria
Stanislava P. Peeva, Evgeniy G. Raichev, Georgi I. Zhelyazkov, pp. 1-5
Article № eb.17108 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 

Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals by Grasshoppers and a Mantid Along a Pollution Gradient
Mustafa M. Soliman, Mohamed M. El-Shazly, pp.7-21
Article № eb.17109 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 

New Highest Altitudes for Some Ground Beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) From the Western Rhodopes Mts. (Bulgaria)
Teodora M. Teofilova, pp. 23-28
Article № eb.17110 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 

Comparative Anatomical Leaf Analyses оf Carduus nutans and Carduus thoermeri from Bulgaria
Krasimir T. Todorov, Plamen S. Stoyanov, Tsvetelina R. Mladenova, Doychin T. Boyadzhiev, Ivanka Zh. Dimitrova Dyulgerova, pp. 29-39
Article № eb.17112 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 

Natural Habitats in the Forest-Free Zone of Malusha Peak (Protected Area "Bulgarka" BG0000399 and Protected Area "Central Balkan – Buffer" BG0001493)
Yulian A. Marinov, Tzenka I. Radoukova, Plamen S. Stoyanov, Tzvetelina R. Mladenova, pp. 41-49
Article № eb.17113 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 

The Trophic Spectrum of the Northern White-Breasted Hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus Barrett-Hamilton, 1900) in Plovdiv City, Bulgaria
Atanas M. Mikov, pp. 51-55
Article № eb.17114 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 

Dynamics of Macroalgae at Two Different Ecological Sites in Alexandria Coastal Waters
Alaa A. El-Dahhar, Mohamed H. Diab, Mona M. Ismail, Wagdy Labib, pp. 57-66
Article № eb.17111 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf


Food – A Resource and Waste, from Ecological and Social Aspects
Borislava Todorova, Iliana Velcheva, Stoyka Penkova pp. 67-82
Article № eb.17302 [Abstract] [Full text - PDF]pdf 


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