Methods of Calculating the Emissions of Greenhouse Gases from Cattle and Buffalo Housing in Bulgaria

Dimo S. Penkov1*, Atanas D. Arnaudov2, Vasko T. Gerzilov1
1 - Agricultural University, Faculty of Agronomy, Plovdiv, BULGARIA
2 - University of Plovdiv "P. Hilendarski", Faculty of Biology, Department of Human Anatomy and Physiology, Plovdiv, BULGARIA
*Corresponding author:
Abstract. A methodology for measuring greenhouse gases from mixed excrements from cattle and buffaloes was developed. A universal formula was used to calculate them. The authors gave an example of a calculation. They reflected the typical excrement distribution based on the most used animal breeding technologies and the net energy in feed and excrements in Bulgaria.
Key words: cattle farming, greenhouse gases.

Ecologia Balkanica, 2019, vol. 11, Issue 2, pp. 127-131
Article № eb.19145 [Full text - PDF]pdf

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