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Dear authors,

The Editorial Board of Ecologia Balkanica shares the opinion that all knowledge should be free and accessible to all scholars, scientists, academics, etc. Since 2009, when we first extablished the journal Ecologia Balkanica has adopted the open access ideology and publishing and access to the journal's content is free of charge ever since. We are doing our best to keep the journal free, publication fast and the overall quality of publication high. In this respect, due to some financial difficulties, the Editorial Board of Ecologia Balkanica on it's meeting on 15.12.2015 came to e decision that from 2016 the journal will be piblished only in it's electronic form and hard copies will no longer be printed. We believe that the future of scientific research is the electronic access to research, since this is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to find new research and knowledge. All print issues, published in the period 2009-2015 are deposited in the listed libraries here. From 2016, volume 8, issue 1, the journal will be published only electronically under ISSN 1313-9940. We believe this will lead to faster publication and overall improvement of the articles. Because of this new instructions for authors are now applied. All new manuscripts must be formatted and compiled according to the new guidelines. Manuscripts without the sample cover letter (fully filled out correctly) are rejected automatically.

Thank you and we are currently accepting new manuscipts,

Best regards,
The Editorial Board of Ecologia Balkanica

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