Manuscript processing fees

Dear authors and readers of Ecologia Balkanica,
From 01.12.2019 the journal implements new article processing fees on all manuscripts, upon acceptance for publication. The journal content remains free to access.
The article processing fees are as follows:
- short note - 30€
- research article - 50€
- synopsis - 80€
The fee should be paid after the authors receive confirmation that the article is accepted for publication. Fees are paid via bank transfer, using the following information:
Ecotechnologii'21, 24 Tzar Assen Str. Plovdiv, BULGARIA

New changes in the journal's policy

Dear authors,

The Editorial Board of Ecologia Balkanica is implementing some new requirements for all new manuscript submissions from January 1st 2017 as follows:

1. All manuscripts must be accompanied with fully filled cover letter, which can be found for download on our site. The cover letter must be signed by all participating authors! Three independent reviewers, experts in the field of the study, must be suggested, but you cannot suggest colleagues from the same institution (department, faculty) as the authors of the paper.

2. DOI (Digital Object Identifier) numbers for all cited electronic references (journal articles, conference proceedings, books) are required for those references, which have DOI.

3. Sattelite photos (especially from Google Earth) are no longer acceptable for maps of the studied region. Instead use some kind of GIS software (properly cited in the Material and Methods section) for the preparation of the maps, or use other indicative or topographical maps.

4. Unpublished theses (BSc, MSc, PhD, DSc) are not considered officially published scientific literary sources, therefore from January 2015, are no longer allowed as valid citations. If you absolutely must cite such a sourse, cite it as "personal communication".

5. In studies, where injuries or death of animals is caused, by the used methods, ehen alternative non-harming techniques exist, but were not used, the manuscripts may not be considered for publication.

Please refer and check our Instructions for authors before submitting a manuscript.

Thank you!

Our website was temporary down

Due to unforseen technical problems the website of Ecologia Balkanica was down for few days. It is now operational and all content available. We appologize for the incovenience.


Dear authors,

The Editorial Board of Ecologia Balkanica shares the opinion that all knowledge should be free and accessible to all scholars, scientists, academics, etc. Since 2009, when we first extablished the journal Ecologia Balkanica has adopted the open access ideology and publishing and access to the journal's content is free of charge ever since. We are doing our best to keep the journal free, publication fast and the overall quality of publication high. In this respect, due to some financial difficulties, the Editorial Board of Ecologia Balkanica on it's meeting on 15.12.2015 came to e decision that from 2016 the journal will be piblished only in it's electronic form and hard copies will no longer be printed. We believe that the future of scientific research is the electronic access to research, since this is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to find new research and knowledge. All print issues, published in the period 2009-2015 are deposited in the listed libraries here. From 2016, volume 8, issue 1, the journal will be published only electronically under ISSN 1313-9940. We believe this will lead to faster publication and overall improvement of the articles. Because of this new instructions for authors are now applied. All new manuscripts must be formatted and compiled according to the new guidelines. Manuscripts without the sample cover letter (fully filled out correctly) are rejected automatically.

Thank you and we are currently accepting new manuscipts,

Best regards,
The Editorial Board of Ecologia Balkanica

NEW Instructions for authors (2015)

From February 2015, Ecologia Balkanica has NEW Instructions for authors. Please send your manuscripts formatted according to the new instructions. See the changes at:

2014, vol. 6, issue 2 is published

2014, vol. 6, issue 2 is published

The latest regular issue of the journal is published online and as hardcopy as well. You can find the issue in the Content menu.


New website is ready

The "Ecologia Balkanica" editorial team is proud the present our new website, which launched on October 1st. The new site is accessible at the current address (no domain change) and is based on the LifeRay platform, which is more flexible and secure. We hope this will allow us to bring you better service and access to the journals' contents. Thank you for the support!

2014, vol. 6, issue 1 is published

2014, vol. 6, issue 1 is published

The latest regular issue of the jiurnal is published online and as hardcopy as well. You can fid the issue in the Content menu.


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