2012, vol. 4, issue 2

ECOLOGIA BALKANICA – Volume 4, Issue 2 / 2012


Ecologia Balkanica – 2012, vol. 4, issue 2 – Whole issue

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Research Articles

The Otter (Lutra lutra L.) Signs and the Banks Tree Cover: A Survey in Central and Eastern Bulgaria
Radostina Dimitrova, Dilian Georgiev , pp. 1-4
Article № eb.SE12101 [Full text – PDF] 

Eco-Biological Characteristics of Medicinal Plants in the Protected Area “Nahodishte Na Blatno Kokiche”, Gradina Village, Parvomay (Bulgaria)
Stoyan Georgiev, Alexander Tashev, Koycho Koev , pp. 5-14
Article № eb.SE12102 [Full text – PDF] 

Study on the Total Coliforms Count and Coli Titter in the Waters of Kardzhali Reservoir, Bulgaria
Oliver Y. Todorov, Ivan I. Iliev, Sonya K. Trifonova, pp. 15-23
Article № eb.SE12104 [Abstract] [Full text – PDF] 

Influence of Vegetation on the Avifauna in Two Urban Parks in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Yanitsa Petrova, Atanas Irikov, pp. 25-31
Article № eb.SE12105 [Full text – PDF] 

Eco-physiological Study on the Influence of Contaminated Waters from the Topolnitza River Catchment Area on Some Crops
Iliana Velcheva, Slaveya Petrova, Violeta Dabeva, Diliyan Georgiev, pp. 33-41
Article № eb.SE12106 [Full text – PDF] 

Data on the Hawthorn Psyllid Cacopsylla melanoneura (Förster) Populations in Southeast Romania
Constantina Chireceanu, Viorel Fătu, pp. 43-49
Article № eb.12110 [Full text – PDF] 

Ecotoxicology Assessment of Waste Water Emitted From Radomir Metal Industries (Bulgaria)
Мariana I. Lyubenova, Snejana B. Dineva, Irina B. Karadjova, pp. 51-60
Article № eb.12118 [Full text – PDF] 

Comparison of Terrestrial Isopod (Isopoda, Oniscidea) Assemblages from Two Types of Forests from North Western Romania
Sára Ferenţi, Severus-Daniel Covaciu-Marcov, pp. 61-67
Article № eb.12121 [Full text – PDF] 

Evaluation of Soil Physical and Chemical Properties in Poplar Plantations in North of Iran
Ali Salehi, Maryam Maleki, pp. 69-76
Article № eb.12123 [Full text – PDF] 

Primary Production Dynamics of Two Dominant Macrophytes in Wular Lake, a Ramsar Site in Kashmir Himalaya
Naseer Ahmad Dar, Aadil Hamid, Bashir Ahmad Ganai, Sami Ullah Bhat, Ashok Kumar Pandit, pp. 77-83
Article № eb.12124 [Full text – PDF] 

Control of Three Stored−Product Beetles with Artemisia haussknechtii (Boiss) (Asteraceae) Essential Oil
Seyed Mehdi Hashemi, Seyed Ali Safavi, pp. 85-92
Article № eb.12127 [Full text – PDF]