2023, vol. 15, issue 1

ECOLOGIA BALKANICA – Volume 15, Issue 1 / 2023


The Herpetofauna of the Peri-urban Forest Seich Sou (Kedrinos Lofos), Thessaloniki, Greece
Ilias Strachinis, pp. 1-7
Article № eb.23101 [Full text – PDF]

Tarentola mauritanica (Squamata: Phyllodactylidae) in Greece: an update on the species’ distribution, including new records
Ilias Strachinis, Petros Lymberakis, Elias Tzoras, pp. 8-26
Article № eb22143 [Full text – PDF]

Galatella sedifolia (Asteraceae), a species with questionable occurrence in Bulgarian flora, and remarks on its Balkan distribution
Stoyan Stoyanov, Boriana Sidjimova, pp. 27-33
Article № eb23102 [Full text – PDF]

The bacterial community structure of rhizosphere soil associated with Cicer montbretii Jaub. & Spach endemic to Strandzha Mountain
Mariana Petkova, Mariya Sabeva, Slaveya Petrova, Nurettin Tahsin, pp. 34-48
Article № eb22138 [Full text – PDF]

Are Mytilus species suitable bioindicators for assessing aquatic pollution along the Black Sea Coast? A review
Vesela Yancheva, Iliana Velcheva, Elenka Georgieva, Stela Stoyanova, Borislava Todorova, László Antal, Krisztián Nyeste, pp. 49-76
Article № eb23301 [Full text – PDF]

Do Low Doses of Imidacloprid Cause Oxidative Stress in Adult Marsh Frogs?
Serhii Yermolenko, Olena Dovban, Valeriia Spirina, Galyna Ushakova, Vladyslav Petrushevskyi, Viktor Gasso, pp. 77-88
Article № eb22144 [Full text – PDF]

A look at the population variability in the appearance of some human descriptive and personality traits in Bulgaria
Stanislav Ivanov, Evgeniya Ivanova, pp. 89-94
Article № eb23116 [Full text – PDF]

Мain factors causing male infertility: A review
Elenka Georgieva, Stela Stoyanova, Turgai Mehmedov, Stoil Tomov,
Iiana Velcheva, Vesela Yancheva, pp. 95-108
Article № eb23303 [Full text – PDF]

Environmental aspects for conservation of the natural areas – trends and perspectives – A review
Dimo Hadzhiev, pp. 109-116
Article № eb23302 [Full text – PDF]

Assessment of plane trees health status in urban green areas
of Sofia, Bulgaria

Mira Georgieva, Margarita Georgieva, Mihaela Hristova, Georgi Georgiev, pp. 117-125
Article № eb23104 [Full text – PDF]

Distribution of individual heterozygosity in natural populations
of Platanus orientalis L. in Bulgaria

Mira Georgieva, pp. 126-133
Article № eb23105 [Full text – PDF]

Comparative data on the palynomorphological features of pollen grains of two Albania’s species of the Campanula pyramidalis complex (Campanulaceae)
Blerina Pupuleku, Donald Shuka, Gëzim Kapidani, Klea Trokoliçi, pp. 134-143
Article № eb23117 [Full text – PDF]

Dead wood volume in Beech forests in Vitosha and Stara Planina Mountains in Bulgaria
Violeta Dimitrova, Dimitar Dimitrov, pp. 144-153
Article № eb23110 [Full text – PDF]

Ecological risk of contamination of urban soils with heavy metals using the example of Dnipro city (Ukraine)
Tetiana Yakovyshyna, pp. 154-163
Article № eb23107 [Full text – PDF]

Impact of foliar fertilization on the yield and bioproductive parameters of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)
Мagdalena Petkova, Tatyana Bozhanska, Biser Bozhanski, Minko Iliev, pp. 164-172
Article № eb23113 [Full text – PDF]

A Contribution to the Thermal Ecology of Lacerta agilis bosnica Schreiber, 1912 (Reptilia: Lacertidae)
Steliyana Popova, Emiliya Vacheva, Borislav Naumov, pp. 173-180
Article № eb23114 [Full text – PDF]

First breeding record of Laughing dove Spilopelia senegalensis
for Greece

Stylianos Zannetos, Eleni Galinou, Triantaphyllos Akriotis, pp. 181-183
Article № eb23202 [Full text – PDF]

The first record of Euphyia biangulata (Haworth, 1809) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) for Kosovo

Pajtim Bytyçi, Ferdije Zhushi-Etemi, Edona Kabashi-Kastrati, Hazir Çadraku, Toni Koren, pp. 184-187
Article № eb23201 [Full text – PDF]

Jumping on the trails: European hare’s (Lepus europaeus Pallas, 1778) activity in near-natural habitat in Bulgaria
Stanislava Peeva, Desislava Tincheva, pp. 188-191
Article № eb23203 [Full text – PDF]

Not only an aquatic threat: A Caspian whipsnake Dolichophis caspius (Gmelin, 1789) entangled in discarded fishing net onshore on Lesvos Island, Greece
Apostolos Christopoulos, Yiannis Zevgolis, pp. 192-198
Article № eb23204 [Full text – PDF]

Records of Psocoptera (Insecta) from two protected areas of Republic of Mordovia, Russia
Dilian Georgiev, Alexander Ruchin, Mikhail Esin, pp. 199-202
Article № eb23122 [Full text – PDF]

Soil related ecosystem services in urban areas – a literature review
Slaveya Petrova, Bogdan Nikolov, pp. 203-231
Article № eb23304 [Full text – PDF]

Are there plant biomarkers for microplastic pollution in soil? A review
Bogdan Nikolov, Slaveya Petrova, pp. 232-245
Article № eb23305 [Full text – PDF]

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