2022, Special Edition 5

Special Edition 5 / 2022


Joint Monitoring for Environmental Protection in BSB countries

Project Number: BSB-884

Published on 26.08.2022


Ecologia Balkanica – 2022, Special Edition 5 – Whole issue

First pages

Research articles

Macrophytes in the Veleka River, Bulgaria: Species Diversity and Assessment of the Ecological Status
Gana M. Gecheva, Emil S. Yordanov, Silviya Y. Stankova, pp. 1-5
Article № eb22SE5101 [Full text – PDF]

Monitoring of Vascular Plant Species from the Southeastern Part of Strandzha Nature Park, Bulgaria
Plamen S. Stoyanov, Rumen D. Mladenov, Nevena S. Mileva, Krasimir T. Todorov, pp. 7-15
Article № eb22SE5102 [Full text – PDF]

New Records of Terrestrial Gastropods (Gastropoda, Mollusca) from Strandzha Mts. (Bulgaria) and its Adjacent Coastal Area
Dilian Georgiev, Ivaylo Dedov, pp. 17-23
Article № eb22SE5103 [Full text – PDF]

The Psocoptera of Strandzha Mts and its Adjacent Black Sea Coast: Published Data and New Records
Dilian G. Georgiev, pp. 25-32
Article № eb22SE5104 [Full text – PDF]

Comparing Two Models of UAVs (drones) as a Monitoring Tool for Freshwater Turtles
Emil S. Yordanov, Ivelin A. Mollov, pp. 33-42
Article № eb22SE5105 [Full text – PDF]

Distribution of the Amphibians and Reptiles along the Southern Black Sea Coast and Strandzha Nature Park (SE Bulgaria)
Ivelin A. Mollov, Nikolay D. Natchev, Teodora V. Koynova, Ivan Z. Kambourov, Milen H. Rashkov, Dimityr A. Dimitrov, Ognyan B. Todorov, Tsvetelina D. Petrova, Kristian B. Vladov, Spas G. Uzunov, pp. 43-74
Article № eb22SE5106 [Full text – PDF]

Short notes

On the Distribution of the Otter (Lutra lutra L.) in Nature Park “Strandzha” (Bulgaria)
Dilian G. Georgiev, pp. 75-77
Article № eb22SE5201 [Full text – PDF]

On the Freshwater Snails of Strandzha Mountains and its Adjacent Coastal Area
Dilian Georgiev, Teodora Trichkova, Milcho Todorov, Ivaylo Dedov, pp. 79-81
Article № eb22SE5202 [Full text – PDF]

A Case of Deformed Carapaces of the European Pond Turtle (Emys orbicularis) from Veleka River (SE Bulgaria)
Ivelin A. Mollov, Tsvetelina D. Petrova, pp.83-86
Article № eb22SE5203 [Full text – PDF]

Body Condition of the European Pond Turtle (Emys orbicularis) and the Balkan Pond Turtle (Mauremys rivulata) from Silistar River (SE Bulgaria)
Ivelin A. Mollov, pp.87-89
Article № eb22SE5204 [Full text – PDF]


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