2019, Special Edition 2

ECOLOGIA BALKANICA – Special Edition 2 / 2019


Ecologia Balkanica – 2019, Special Edition 2 – Whole issue

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Research Articles

Opportunities for Further Qualification in Environmental Communication in Protected Areas
Hristina Bancheva-Preslavska, pp. 1-7 
Article № eb.19SE206 [Full text – PDF

Current Ecological Status of Lotic Ecosystems in Vitosha Mountain Reserves (Torfeno Branishte and Bistrishko Branishte)
Radka P. Fikova, Emilia D. Varadinova, Lachezar P. Yakimov, Lyubomir A. Kenderov, pp. 9-14 
Article № eb.19SE203 [Full text – PDF

Breakthrough in Anti-poison Struggle after Introduction of Intensive Satellite Tracking of Griffon Vultures in Balkans
Emilian H. Stoynov, Hristo V. Peshev, Dimitar A. Parvanov, Atanas P. Grozdanov, pp. 15-21 
Article № eb.19SE208 [Full text – PDF

Past and Present State of the Griffon Vulture Gyps fulvus in Rila and Pirin National Parks and Rilski Manastir Nature Park
Hristo Peshev, Emilian Stoynov, Dimitar Parvanov, Atanas Grozdanov, pp. 23-30
Article № eb.19SE209 [Full text – PDF

Past and Present State of the Cinereous Vulture (Aegypius monachus) and Feasibility Analysis for its Reintroduction in Bulgaria
Emilian Stoynov, Hristo Peshev, George Stoyanov, Ivelin Ivanov, Dimitar Parvanov, Atanas Grozdanov, pp. 31-44
Article № eb.19SE211 [Full text – PDF

Phytoplankton and Macrophytes in Bulgarian Standing Water Bodies
Gana M. Gecheva, Detelina S. Belkinova, Yordanka G. Hristeva, Rumen D. Mladenov, Plamen S. Stoyanov, pp. 45-61
Article № eb.19SE213 [Full text – PDF

Quantitive Assessment of the Importance of the Atmospheric Environment on Air Pollutant Concentrations at Regional and Local Scales in Sofia
Georgi S. Kadinov, pp. 63-70
Article № eb.19SE201 [Full text – PDF

Variations in the Antioxidant Defense System of the Black Sea Mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialis (Lamarck, 1819)
Lachezar P. Yakimov, Elina R. Tsvetanova, Almira P. Georgieva, Nesho H. Chipev, Albena V. Alexandrova, pp. 71-80
Article № eb.19SE207 [Full text – PDF

Composition and Zoogeographic Features of the Stonefly Fauna (Insecta: Plecoptera) of Mountainous and semi-mountainous streams in Aegean watershed (7th Ecoregion, Eastern Balkans)
Violeta G. Tyufekchieva, Biljana J. Rimcheska, pp. 91-106
Article № eb.19SE202 [Full text – PDF

Ichthyofauna of the Iskar River Section Affected by the Hydropower Cascade „Middle Iskar”
Luchezar Z. Pehlivanov, Stefan A. Kazakov, pp. 107-115
Article № eb.19SE217 [Full text – PDF

Distribution and Activity of Caspian Whip Snake Dolichophis caspius (Gmelin, 1789) (Reptilia: Colubridae) in South-Western Bulgaria
Alexander N. Pulev, Borislav Y. Naumov, Lyuben D. Domozetski, Lidia G. Sakelarieva, George N. Manolev, pp. 116-137
Article № eb.19SE214 [Full text – PDF

Distribution of European Cat Snake Telescopus fallax (Fleischmann, 1831) (Reptilia: Colubridae) in South-Western Bulgaria
Lyuben D. Domozetski, Alexander N. Pulev, Lidia G. Sakelarieva, George N. Manolev, Borislav Y. Naumov, pp. 139-146
Article № eb.19SE215 [Full text – PDF

Evaluation of the Risk of Pb and Cd Deposition on Bulgarian Forests Using a Critical Load Approach
Sonya Damyanova, Toma Tonchev, pp. 147-153
Article № eb.19SE204 [Full text – PDF

Modelling of the Behavior of Natural Radionuclides and the Environmental Risk in the Sites from the Mining Uranium Ore in Bulgaria
Rossitsa Ts. Petrova, Elena H. Tsvetkova, pp. 155-163
Article № eb.19SE205 [Full text – PDF

Species Structure of the Earthworm Communities (Lumbricidae) in the Grounds of Two Liquidated Uranium Mines (Senokos and Eleshnitsa) in Bulgaria
Ralitsa V. Tsekova, Lidia G. Sakelarieva, pp. 165-179
Article № eb.19SE218 [Full text – PDF

Waste-cluster Relationship on the Example of Regional Waste Landfill in Blagoevgrad
Stefka K. Tsekova, Veselina H. Dalgacheva, Nikolinka K. Atanasova, pp. 181-185
Article № eb.19SE216 [Full text – PDF

Remote Sensing Based Vegetation Analysis in Parangalitsa Reserved Area
Miroslav A. Ivanov, Konstantin A. Tyufekchiev, pp. 187-197
Article № eb.19SE212 [Full text – PDF

The Demographic Structure of the Blagoevgrad District and the Challenges to the Protection of the Environment
Michail A. Michailov, Galina Bezinska, Veselina H. Dalgacheva, pp. 199-205
Article № eb.19SE210 [Full text – PDF


Modelling of Water Systems in a convenient way
Manfred Schütze, pp. 207-215
Article № eb.19SE2S1 [Full text – PDF

Monitoring ozone effects on vegetation: a review
Nikolina P. Gribacheva, Gana M. Gecheva, pp. 217-227
Article № eb.19SE2S3 [Full text – PDF


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